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In the last years Aquaglide has grown quickly to become one of the leaders in the watersports industry.

To date Aquaglide manufactures a wide range of watersports leisure products and always to the highest possible quality standards. The best materials are used and reinforcements are made where no other manufacturers think of reinforcing.

Aquaglide Platinum

Aquaglide convertible

Aquaglide towables

Aquaglide Multisport

Aquaglide paddlesurf




Born out of pure fun, the Platinum™ line are individual water park items that connect with each other to create floating water parks. The line was developed for discerning resort, camp and residential customers who demand the very best. Quality and innovation are the cornerstones of the line.

Many items are available for yacht use. With Aquaglide you and you'r guests will have more fun than ever on the yacht.


Aquaglide towables are manufactured with the highest standards on the market. There simply isn't any other brand on the market which has the quality that Aquaglide towables has for consumer towables. A complete line of premium towables with innovative design and bomb-proof construction.


Designed to help you savor the essence of the water-oriented lifestyle, our complete line of lounges offer excitement and relaxation to suit your needs. Items are used as private floating islands, watersports pontoons, towables and much more...!


The newly redesigned Multisport is in a class by itself. This unique inflatable boat combines the tranquility of sailing, the thrill of windsurfing, and the excitement of towing in a convenient package that's compact enough to go enywhere. Multisport 270 - the next evolution!


We make some of the most technologically advanced standup gear on the planet so that all you have to think about is your session... wherever you choose to paddle.



The newest sport to hit the world by storm!
The Flyboard it's basically a water jet powered board which universally connects to all Jet-Skis of all brands on the market and allows underwater propulsion and flights of up to 7 metres in height!...

Jet-Lev Flyer

Stop dreaming - Start Flying!
It sounded like a crazy idea. But after nine long years of development including six years of intensive testing and refinements, our creativity, persistence and unshakeable belief in our ideas have finally produced an incredible and revolutionary personal flying machine...


The most powerful underwater propulsion in the world!
As a water sports vehicle, the SEABOB meets the highest quality requirements. It's the result of laborious and precise handiwork using high-quality materials and sophisticated components...


High Tech motorized surfboard
Designed and manufactured by MotoGP and Formula1 engineers. It's a monocoque hull made 100% from the highest quality Carbon Fibre...

BladeFish SeaJet

The most advanced underwater propulsion
an underwater propulsion system that will help you and you'r family enjoy the ocean like never before. With Bladefish you will discover the amazing world that lies below the water surface...

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We are developing our on-line store, so very soon you will be able to buy any of our products from your home visiting our website!